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Welcome to my blog and personal pages. I am a senior web developer with a varied background in a wide range of technologies and subjects. This page is a work in progress, built with express.js against a mongo database in order to learn more about node.js and re-establish a web presence.

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Using Pscp To Put Files On Linux Machines

Monday, December, 2nd at 2:37 PM

I just ran into an issue that stumped me for a little while, mostly because I was looking at forums where nobody knew the answer (or were happy to tell the user they were off topic due to the fact the solution required both linux and windows).

I am using pscp, the puTTy port of the scp command, to transfer files between a windows server and a linux server.  The command looked like
pscp -2 -v -scp -i C:\assets\mykey.ppk source coverage.tar
The error I was getting was
Sending file coverage.tar, size=112640
Fatal: Received unexpected end-of-file from server
The unexpected end of file was the thing ... more »